I hate to say I told you so but …

In a previous post complaining about poorly chosen group names, I singled out Signature Sound and Integrity Quartet for particular criticism. Specifically, I wondered how groups with such bad names would be perceived, pronounced, and survive. The answer seems to: badly perceived, unevenly pronounced and very short lived. Both SSQ and Integrity have already changed or announced imminent changes to their group names. First, word that Ernie Haase is adding his name to the front end of Signature Sound, since everybody has already been doing so (in part, because nobody knows who these guys are without mentioning Ernie’s name). So, I guess it’s “Ladies and Gentlemen, Ernie Haase and Signature Sound” and (already on the message boards) EHSSQ (ugh). Doesn’t exactly roll right off the tongue. And it does nothing to address the underlying solipsism of the name, about which I’ve already written (and maybe, the new name makes things worse, since now the temptation will be to make it Ernie’s Signature Sound, as the group’s new website name already implies). But still, it feels like an improvement, if only because it seems a tad more coherent. Next is Integrity, which is scrapping the name altogether (a wise move) and having a re-naming contest. Oh my. We’ll see how that goes (and if it goes well, maybe the new group Common Garments Trio can have a rechristening contest, too). In the meantime, Soon-to-be-Formerly-Integrity says the name-change is meant to avoid confusion with another similarly named group. Ok. But it seems more likely that some marketing director for Louise Mandrell got ahold of the Boys with Integrity and explained how bad names don’t sell and it was “hello new-name contest” (an old standard of PR departments from way back) or “goodbye Louise Mandrell Theater.”

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