The Code of Silence and the Great Mysteries (I of II)

Alert reader KS pointed out to me a few more puzzlers that remain puzzling thanks to the unofficial but strictly enforced Code of Silence about Certain Things in sg. Let’s call them, the Great Mysteries: there are, as I already mentioned, Denise Hopper and Jerry Thompson (though Kelly Nelon did speak obliquely about Jerry’s departure in some of her performances around the time, most notably at the convention the year of his resignation, there’s still much more that is unknown than known about all this: most pressing, it seems, is whether or not he was forced, uhm, out). To this short list we should also add, KS reminds me, the abrupt and mysterious departure of Tara Crabb from the Crabb Family, the original Martin siblings’ split, and the conspicuously reduced presence of the Hoppers on the Gaither series. As always, anyone with information or ideas, let me know. This isn’t prurient curiosity (well, not only that) but it’s a genuine interest in and concern for the well being of people who have shared themselves with and become a part of so many devoted fans’ lives for years. These people are important to fans, and by placing so much of their professional well-being on a kind of personal relationship with fans, performers and artists obligate themselves to a high standard of transparency (and yes, I realize transparency cuts both ways). What, it’s worth asking, should a group or a performer say in these cases? Take your cue from Kirk Talley, I say. Be honest and candid, find a language that reflects both the personal truth of lived experience as you’ve encountered it and a way of relating that experience that connects with the audiences and colleagues with whom you must interact. It doesn’t have to be the Jerry Springer show or an Enquirer expose, and in fact, if people address potentially controversial or problematic issues directly, the problem is less likely to live on and on in the wings of gossip and rumor and innuendo that thrive on secrecy.

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  1. KD wrote:

    Has anyone thought the reason for Jerry Thompson leaving and the divorce of he and kelly may be related to Kelly and Mr. Clarks relationship prior to their split, Jason was with the group at the time and was on the 1997 Video they did. ALso some PR states Jason began in 1999 with the group which is incorrect

  2. red wrote:

    I really wish someone would come up with a magazine that told both sides of the story,the good,the bad and the ugly.It is a shame that when somthing happens we fans don’t find out about it untill it comes out in the secular press.Singing News is a joke!All you get from them is a purified,white washed pack of rubbish!!!!

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