Housekeeping I (of II)

Barring any breaking news that would demand comment, I’ve said about all I can or want to regarding more openness and transparency in sg. Rereading my last post on the issue, though, I do feel the need to say this, by way of conclusion: there’s a very fine line between speculation or innuendo or hearsay, on one hand, and reliable knowledge or information from a second or third party, on the other (and many, many of you have written to make this point crystal clear; thank you). Important as it is to remember this, it’s not the real point. Rather, it’s only a sidelong way of encouraging the sogospelnews message board admin staff to lighten up just a titch. It’s hard to take seriously administrators’ complaints about the “closed and tight” sg industry when the admin staff is contributing to the tightness and closure … for instance, is it really a threat to national security if folks collectively grieve online about the absence of GVB from the NQC? Anyway, the important thing I want to be clear about is this: it’s for the people involved in these contretemps and controversies to speak to them directly and publicly, and while I think they SHOULD say something (which isn’t the same thing as thinking they should tell all in high soap-operatic fashion), I also don’t think it’s my place to go yammering on about the details of their misfortunes (even if I knew, which I don’t, in some cases). I’ll continue to advocate for a more transparent mode of interaction between performers and fans when it’s relevant, but there are much more interesting things to talk about most of the time other than who’s infelicities got them canned from this or that group. Finis.

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