Housekeeping II (of II)

Much as I’d like to say otherwise for the sake of appearances, I would lie to say it’s not good for business, so to speak, for the “who is it” meme to be out there regarding my identity. Still, a form of “shameless self-promotion” wasn’t my first consideration in remaining anonymous. Primarily, I prefer for the site’s content, and not my personality, to be the driving force around here. But of course, there’s a price for me to pay, potentially, since anonymity in this kind of deal, as I hinted in a previous post, cuts both ways. Though I’m not a performer or a manager or an owner or a star or a string-puller and though I’m not asking you to invest in me personally in order to read and respond and engage with the site, I do realize that for some people anonymity = loss of credibility. Often those people turn out to the be the same folks who like to discredit ideas, not by arguing the merits, but by discrediting the individual. So, on balance, I think it’s a wash. Meanwhile, I hope Tony Rush (for whom I have a great deal of respect) isn’t too insulted by being blamed him for this site or by the suggestion that he’s a raging narcissist capable of blowing his own horn to throw readers off the scent (uh, yeah … nice mixed metaphor, I know … something I suspect Tony Rush would never do). I assume anonymity isn’t sustainable forever, but in the interim, back to business (I’ve got a three-parter on the Cats that’s just about finished, and I’m really excited). Done and done.

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