A&R issues (II of II)

JG’s experience seems like a good way to begin a discussion about the A&R infrastructure within sg. I doubt that the kind of behavior JG describes is substantially different from what young artists encounter in mainstream music industries, but I also wonder if the close-knit nature of sg doesn’t increase the likelihood that young performers or upstart groups are manipulated, exploited or otherwise taken advantage of. That is, I don’t know of another genre of music in which people with raw but inexperienced talent could, conceivably, assemble a group, try out (and win) a talent contest as big as the NQC’s and have a recording contract in as little amount of time and with as little experience as is possible in sg. Talent scouting and music development are cutthroat rackets almost everywhere, but the naiveté of so many well-intentioned, but inexperienced and unprepared sg groups (and I have no idea, for the record, whether or not JG and his group fall into this category) makes the inevitable loss of innocence at the hands of pretty mercenary recording executives and handlers feel more pronounced than it might otherwise seem.

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