Some weekend fun, in two parts (I of II)

Take a look at page 25 of the September issue of the Singing News and you’ll see the members of Freedom Voice clowning around in a dewy meadow, which puts me in mind of those “controversial” Ernie Haase and Signature Sound photos (see, that name is clunky), wherein Ernie and the guys are photographed bouncing around in suits and ties on a trampoline. So is this the latest “thing” in sg - informal “action shots” of groups doing really zany, “spontaneous” things? “Oh look at that … they got caught funnin’ ’round on a trampoline or in a grassy field. … C’mon everybody, let’s go hear them sing!” … Ok, ok, I’m having my own “spontaneous” fun. I really don’t mind the photos, at least not a few of them (the EHSSQ guys really aren’t that out of place on a trampoline, but the members of Freedom Voice don’t seem like the type of fellas who hang out in moist fields joshin’ each other on foggy mornings). So have some fun, I say. But if the Inspirations start shadow-boxing on a moving train or something, that’ll just be strange.

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