Lyrical updates (I of II)

Self-described “regular-reader” JL writes to validly question my fast-and-loose use of terminology in the Lyrical Battles post:

I’m just a little curious about your definition of interfaith. It seems, in the context, to be inter-Baptist since you give as an example a General Baptist and Southern Baptist view. It reminds me of a conversation I had years ago with an Evangelical Lutheran who made a point to me that his church was open to “other Christians.” Eventually, in the context, it was clear he meant “other Lutherans than ELC.” To a group like Church Women United, interfaith might mean “Christians, Jews, Moslems, Hindus and Bhuddists.” So, I’d appreciate a clarification of what interfaith means in the context of discussing the composition of SG groups, please.

Though I don’t think I explicitly excluded the possibility that other faiths might well be on the bus with the Baptists, and while I used the General and Southern Baptist as a useful shorthand for opposing beliefs within protestant Christianity, JL is right: It would have been better, and more accurate, for me to have said that most groups are probably “inter-denominational,” or more clumsily, “inter-sect.” Maybe there are other faiths represented in sg groups, but I also bet if there are Moslems and Hindus and (orthodox religious, as opposed to ethnic) Jews in sg groups, they probably keep a pretty low profile when it comes to items of faith. Anyway, mea culpa.

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