Search me: a digression (II of II)

Skeptical reader AD wrote offering her “two cents” about lyrics and theology as well:

I have always had a problem with the lyrics of “Searchin’,” most recently recorded, of course, by the Talley Trio. Exactly how much “searchin’” does one have to do to find an omnipotent, omnipresent, almighty God??? That has always bugged me…

P.S. My dad (a former Southern Baptist pastor) has always hated the words to “Pass Me Not O Gentle Savior”, too! I cannot tell you how many Sunday lunches we spent listening to him rant about the invitation lyrics!

Kindred spirits, AD and I. But as to “Searchin’,” I had never thought of the potential slap at almighty omnipotence contained in the song. Good catch. For my part, I’m more likely to be heading for the door when this song kicks off, rather than scrutinizing its lyrics. Alas, it’s become one of those endlessly repeatedable “crowd pleasers” that numbs me after three or four or twelve repetitions. Though to be sure, “Searchin’” hasn’t (yet) been beaten to a pulp quite like, say, “Shoutin’ Time,” which was interesting the first, ya know, one hundred times I heard it live. But now, whenever I hear that little guitar lick and the drum kick, it just makes me groan. It’s shoutin’ time alright, though the only thing I wanna shout is “GIVE IT A REST ALREADY!”

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