Among the best latest letters:

“The greatest hypocrisy in all of [the Kirk Talley ordeal] might be the various levels of forgiveness that the industry seems to offer its fallen performers. In one concert Kirk Talley seems to have gained a level of acceptance that Michael English probably still hasn’t reached. I would be curios to see how we would have welcomed Talley’s return if (before his demise) his hair would have been a little longer, his clothes would have been a little more casual, and he had achieved crossover success as a CCM artist. I have a feeling we would be silently using this situation as evidence to support the theory that CCM music and its artists are more worldly and sinful than “good ole” southern gospel.”

A very fine point, this one. I wish I’d thought of that. At any rate, this fine letter and many more are in the most recent mailbag.

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  1. sarah sims wrote:

    what kirk does in his private life is between him and god, no one here has the right to judge him,i am very dissapointed in christians such as bill gaither who has turned his back on kirk, does he know the private life of all performers? no i am sure he does not, he needs to stop looking at the dollar and be a better christian himself!! and invite kirk on his show!!!

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