Through a glass, darkly (I of II)

DeeAnn Bailey’s report of a recent Kirk Talley concert is up on the website, and I encourage you to read it for several reasons. First, it exemplifies a certain brand of boilerplate rah-rahism in southern gospel “news” that is virtually pandemic (does anyone ever expect a or Singing News “reporter” to attend a concert and NOT get “glory bumps”?). Second, it is Exhibit A in the People vs. Sloppy, Embarrassing Publications: it’s not that every sg news article has to be highly polished prose, but it does seem reasonable to expect a modicum of accuracy and correct (or even consistently misspelled) spelling in the lead article of a major sg news source. I assume, for instance, the group that opened for Kirk Talley is called Crystal River, but the article called the group variously “Cystal River,” Crytal River,” and “Crystal River,” to say nothing of the abrupt and disorienting tense shift about two-thirds of the way into the article or the renaming of the Andre Crouch favorite “Thorough it All” or the re-christening of Kirk Talley’s church to “Marantha” instead of “Maranatha” Chapel. And, alas, I recognize that I’m perhaps the only sg fan alive who cares about these things: the responses to the article, after all, were, at the time of my writing, currently running about 30-1 on the side of “brilliant” and “wonderful.”

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