The horror, the horror - an update

Add the Stamps-Baxter School of Music to the list of horrific sg websites (hat tip, new reader PM). And this one is a doozy. For instance, who ARE all those people in that homepage photo? I mean, I know they’re Stamps-Baxter students but who thought a fuzzy group photo of mostly strangers was the best image to capture the school’s mission and goals? And the color scheme really messes with my rods and cones. This site, unfortunately, has to go down on a list of Top 5 or so worst websites in sg - ever. For all its clout, influence, and importance in sg, it ought not to look like a high school lab experiment in web-page design. PM also nominates the Carolina Boys, and I concur, though PM reminds me that indeed a new Kingsmen website is on the way; will it be better? Let’s hope. Hard for it to be worse, anyway. And I’ve already nominated - with deep, deep regret - Greater Vision’s web site. Others? As always, let me know.

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