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Western reader PM writes with this wonderful story that’s too good to get buried on the letters page:

About 15 yrs ago…well, whenever Gaither started his homecomings on TNN, I saw Jake Hess for the first time. I was going through one of those times we hate to remember. I don’t recall what he sang or what he did, but it touched the deepest part of my troubled soul … I immediately remember calling Gaither, asking how I could get in touch with this Hess guy to relay how much a blessing he had been to me. Low and behold, they gave me his home phone number! I called the number and Jake himself answered ( I was kinda astonished). I proceeded to tell him who I was and such. I then told him, what I called to tell him, how much a blessing he was. To my surprise, Jake turned the whole table on me and went on to tell me how much HE needed my phone call. Now I am really astonished! He said he had been going through a lull in times and really needed the encouragement. Jake Hess … needed my encouragement? After all, he sings gospel music, isn’t he exempt from sin, trial and troubles? :O) Jake was telling me how much a good thing Gaither was doing for the old folks that would be nowheres without the Homecomings. We chatted a little more and then bid each other good day. First and last time I ever got to speak with Jake … but it was memorable indeed.

This story is wonderful, no less so because of that jaw-dropping bit about Gaither’s office giving out Jake Hess’s HOME PHONE NUMBER. Send your stories, memories, or run-ins with greatness.

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