Put your sorries in a sack; or, Housekeeping

Thanks to super generous and very talented reader (and artist) AC, the site has gotten a facelift, so to speak (minus the face, I guess). Also, many thanks to my best reader, JL, who suggested the new slogan (”sg for the rest of us”), which reflects what many of you have told me about the niche this site is beginning to occupy. You’ll also see I’ve slightly reorganized previous posts. They’re still chronologically ordered newest to oldest. Someday soon, I hope to give date ranges at the top of each page. Meanwhile, let me know if you find a bum link. I’ve tried to keep them accurate, but with the restructuring of late I’m sure I’ve missed something. Finally, I’ve tried to manage the cross-browser conflicts as much as possible, but some of you using Netscape or Mozilla may see see some infelicities associated with that very fine line under the slogan. Apologies.

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