To note the obvious

The Kingsmen offices, as most of you probably know, have been pretty much devastated by a flood recently. I should say up front, I have had NO contact with ANYONE with the Kingsmen. But, that said, as Karen_ptl noted on the message boards, if people really want to help, probably better to do more than express good wishes on the message-board. With luck, of course, the Kingsmen have flood insurance, but even if that’s true, the pay out will be a ways off and the group probably needs to get back on its performing feet sooner than insurance companies tend to settle claims in mass disasters like this. For what it’s worth, I note that the Kingsmen’s mailing address is, as per their website, PO BOX 599 Candler, NC 28715 (and, of course, cash in the mail is a really bad idea).

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