The sounds of talent; or, speaking of Lauren Talley

Why have I not noticed before how much Lauren Talley sounds like Cece Winans on songs like “I Love the Lord”? Which I mean as high praise. If you haven’t heard Cece Winans’s Alone in his Presence, stop what you’re doing right now and go get it. It’s very fine stuff. As is, of course, much of what The Talleys do. The Testament project remains one of their strongest recordings (though I haven’t heard the most recent thing that’s coming out or just has). I should say: I like Hope for Tomorrow, but it’s not as thoughtful, I don’t think, as Testament, which includes the mountain-moving “Oh What a Reason” (there’s a sweet IV/I suspension on that song that drives me absolutely crazy with its subtle beauty). So to sum up: Cece Winans = wonderful. Lauren Talley = also talented, and not simply because she sounds a little like Cece Winans at times.

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