From the department of "whatever happened to …"

Unforgetful reader SGL writes to ask:

Whatever happened to “THE WORLD OF GOSPEL MUSIC”? This well designed, good looking, slick website promised to be the greatest thing to come down the pike since the wheel. Now it seems to be just another abandoned SG site with no updates since April or May of this year. I remember when the site first went online. [On the message boards] I questioned the dedication of those producing this “great, new innovation is SG media.” I was quickly chastised as one who had no vision and failed to think “outside the box.” I was only expressing my opinion. After all, I’ve seen so many great ideas in SG go by the wayside when the innovators either get tired of the actual work involved or fail to make the big bucks fast enough… so they move on. I notice there are no more big banner links to TWOGM at Wonder what happened?

Yes, I wonder, too. All the more so because of how vigorously the worldofgospelmusic’s advocates were insisting on the site’s revolutionary quality. I braced myself and worked my way through as much as I could stomach of the 11-page thread about the website that SGL refers to. The only way to describe it is a festival of acrimony. And the acrimony disappointingly comes mostly from sogospelnews’s owners, Susan and Deon Unthank, representing the Any Criticism Must Be Squelched team, against a handful of opponents who futilely insisted on trying to convince the Unthanks that just because the Unthanks clearly had some kind of interest in the success of this new website, that didn’t mean they needed to swoop in like hawks with their talons bared every time someone said something about the new site that wasn’t full of sweetness and light. It would be ungenerous of me to reprint some of the many outlandish things the Unthanks said (about, for instance, how the site was going to change things in a big way - you can read those for yourself). But it would be interesting to know what exactly happened to the site and why its administrators (who haven’t yet responded to the email I sent them via the website) have abandoned the site instead of taking it down or updating it. Maybe by leaving it up, the site’s owners and supporters can still say it’s a work in really slow progress - revolutions take time, I suppose - rather than owning up to how badly they oversold the site to begin with? I dunno. Anybody who does know (or who has any ideas), let me know. In the meantime, SGL (barring any Lazarus-like resurrections), consider yourself vindicated.

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