Apropos the hoo-ha about the NQC board and Claude Hopper’s comments, it seems worthwhile to have a coherent list of NQC board members out there. The message boards have cobbled together a list, but not in one spot that I can find, so here’s my best attempt. Note: I got most of these names by combing through Singing News archives, some of which were as old as last year, so there may be outdated names on the list. If so, please let me know, assuming you know. I didn’t pick up one of Claude Hopper’s lists from NQC (stupid me), so if you have the contact information on that list, let me know, and I’ll post it too. In the meantime, I’ll post the contact information I’ve managed to find by Googling these people (mostly it comes from their websites, when they have one).

Les Beasley, executive director: nqcles@aol.com
Clarke Beasley, executive vice president
Russ Farrar, member and legal counsel: russ.farrar@farrar-bates.com
Maurice Templeton: Maurice.templeton@singingnews.com
Steve French: stevfrench@aol.com
Claude Hopper: info@thehoppers.com (best I could do)
Charles Burke
Don Shumate
Jim Cumbee
Ben Speer

In addition to the main board, there is an NQC advisory board that was established last year, comprising mostly younger performers and group owners who are likely being groomed for seats on the board that open up in the future.

Roger Bennett: roger@legacyfive.com
Martin Cook (I defy anyone not to go crazy looking at the Inspirations website; I just plain gave up after a while)
McCray Dove: dbqoffice@cox.net (McCray Dove’s office manager)
Scott Fowler: scottfowler@legacyfive.com
Ernie Haase: ernie@signaturesoundquartet.com
Ray Reese: carolinaboys@carolinaboys.com (best I could do, sorry)
Tim Riley: tim@goldcityqt.com
Gerald Wolfe: contact@greatervisionmusic.com (again, best I can do).

I’m not sure how much real influence these guys have on the board, but they certainly do represent some major firepower in sg right now, so it can’t hurt to cc these guys in your emails to Les Beasley (and it shouldn’t go without saying that Les is the most important person to contact, especially about the move to Nashville).

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