And so the story goes …

Semi-regular correspondent NT writes with this short tantalizer about the absence of Integrity from NQC’s mainstage: “Story goes Steve French recused himself from the vote on having Integrity on the program, but all the other members thought he didn’t want them and voted against ‘em.” In the interest of fairness, it’s worth adding, as reader NG just reminded me, that from a certain perspective, Steve French had/has some reason to be peeved: “I would add one thing,” NG writes,

as to why French would be so upset: Three guys leave you - that’s bad enough - but then they name their [new] group Integrity. That would suggest to some people that [French’s] group (Kingdom Heirs) didn’t have any. Frankly, I can see why some of the NQC board would side with French. I believe someone posted somewhere that Integrity might be changing its name. That would be a good idea in my view. To me it comes across as a cheap shot even if that wasn’t the intent.

Those last two points are worth keeping in mind, as is the looming caveat that we’ll probably never know for sure what went on in that Kingdom Heirs split. At the same time, it’s an open question, I think, whether or not those real or perceived digs that NG shrewdly teases out of the situation justify retributive actions (and yet again another question as to whether anything retributive actually took place). And after a while, anything begins to sound possible, but I like to operate on the buffet-principle of discussion: the more selections you have, the more likely you are to make better informed judgments and decisions.

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