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If I had secret-information moles, TD would be my favorite. He offers the following:

Just a couple of comments - from a very reliable source and for very obvious reasons - Gaither Vocal Band was not invited because of the appearance standards. I am also told that the NQC board’s plan was to send Gaither a letter but Les Beasley did the right thing and delivered the news personally. I’m not sure why I continue to follow this genre of music considering how backward their leadership is. Lastly: the person who thought that the board members earned $75k from NQC must be out of his or her mind. There is no way that that kind of money is made in this business. I would say Clark Beasley and his staff make reasonable salaries but I cannot believe there is that much profit for the board members.

Goodness. So much in such a short post. First off, assuming TD’s got the straight-dope on the Gaither thing, I’m slack-jawed (and that’s saying something, since I’m willing to think the worst of the NQC board without much encouragement, given its history). When someone on the message boards asked if there were appearance standards for NQC mainstage performances, I agreed with the people who dismissed it (and chuckled to myself when Susan Unthank suggested with a straight face that contacting NQC would get a straightforward, or even prompt, reply about anything unrelated to ticket sales or merchandising). Color me na├»ve on that one. It’s like the board is locked in some kind of death match with itself over which of its decisions can be more boneheaded than those that came before. What a numbskull thing for the board to do, if in fact it did what TD’s informant says. Several words come to mind to describe such behavior, but the most polite one I can think of is “troglodyte.” “Philistinism” isn’t far off either. As for the profit margins, perhaps I should have been clearer, my source was suggesting, I think, that the board members who have ownership stakes in the convention make some money. I don’t how many people that is, but I suspect only a handful, of whom Claude Hopper is one, I’m almost positive. As for the feasibility of several-hundred-thousand-dollar profit margins on NQC, I’m simply not knowledgeable enough to know one way or another. But it doesn’t seem unreasonable to me that four or five primary owners could make $75,000 a year off the convention. Still, anyone who knows more, let me know.

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