I’m color blind

At least that seems to be the consensus from many of you about my comparing the SSQ matching suits from Saturday of the convention to the color of Pepto-Bismol. Readers have blasted me variously for my comparison and offered in its stead “a dark reddish color,” “Pumkin Bread Brown,” and “cognac color.” You can call it any of those colors and still not do anything to change the underlying criticism: the color, whatever it turns out to be, is putrid and ugly spread over that much cloth. A tie or even a shirt, I could see. But way too much dark, reddish, pumpkin’ cognac for me. I guess we could see if anyone from SSQ reads the site pretty simply, no? “Hey! SSQ guys … what’s the color of the suits you were wearing Saturday night of the convention? More important, who picked that color?”

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