Your breath stinks; or, more theories why Gaither stayed home

Self-proclaimed devious reader NG writes with a good alternative interpretation of the GVB/NQC flap:

Maybe I’m devious but if I was on the NQC board and did not want GVB I wouldn’t tell them the real reason (if it was appearance or bad breath) but I might tell them we only want acts working the SGM circuit full time or that we think GVB is too contemporary or whatever. I doubt your informer was present when Beasley talked to Gaither and both are powerful guys who keep their cards close to their chest.

All true. In this scenario, someone makes up the “your hair is too long” tale for whatever reason … because it sounds like a good rumor to start or because you want to sound in-the-know, or it’s someone’s best educated guess or, in the most tactical possibility, because you want to put everyone off the scent of the real reason the group didn’t come: which could be anything from longstanding personal feuds, friendships gone south, business deals run amok, or a bad casserole at a one of the regular meetings of SG Stringpullers. Who knows. What’s interesting about the “thrown scent” theory is that it would mean someone is smartly using the *image of the NQC as a bunch of philistines and troglodytes to shield NQC from meaningful criticism or analysis. Smart, shrewd move, if that’s true. As I told NG, I tend to be basically agnostic about most of these theories, by which I mean I often find one or another theory about something more or less persuasive, but I don’t necessarily BELIEVE one theory any more or less just because it sounds plausible. The best we can do at this point is lay all the theories out there and hold them up to as much scrutiny as we can, give them as vigorous a shaking as possible, and hope to learn something about the sg industry’s operative modes - with an eye toward changing what can or should be changed.

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