Almost famous? Nah, but I’ll take it anyway

In answer to the question about whether or not EH&SSQ guys read the site … YES! (hat tip, PM). At least the “EH” part of all that does. Cool. When I started this site, I really had no idea what to expect and though I guess I’m not shocked that “stars” and performers are reading the site, I wasn’t prepared for my own reaction when I realized some of them do read and respond (pretty regularly in some cases). For me, this is something like the equivalent of starting a site about, say, basketball, and finding out that Michael Jordan and Larry Bird and Reggie Miller are reading. The first people I ever really looked upon as stars when I was a teenager were mostly sg performers. Of course sg is a small, tight-knit world and “stars” are much more accessible (it’s unlikely, for instance, that I’d ever be able to walk up to Josh Groban after one of his performances and ask him what that last high note was that he sang, much less receive an email from him). Nevertheless, we (or at least I, anyway) tend to make the same silly assumptions about sg stars as I do about other kinds of celebrities: that for some reason, somehow, they don’t have to bother with pedestrian everyday things like taking out the trash or surfing the web or putting gasoline in their car or reading email or whatever. So when we find out these assumptions aren’t true, it forces us to readjust our notion of who these people are, and probably almost always for the better. Sure I give EH&SSQ some grief for their bad taste in suit colors. And for the record, I’m not opposed to flashy colored suits; what I am opposed to are flashy colors that are bad (i.e. Inspirations; assume for a second that the EH&SSQ suits were “dark red” on Saturday; that’s only a swatch or two away from the RED that the Inspirations regularly wear, and you know something’s amiss when your clothes are getting compared to Archie and Myron and the boys). Plus the whole matching suit thing seems a little passé, especially for people trying to be as hip as EH&SSQ (again, look at the Inspirations; they wear matching suits too, and in even louder colors … so does that make the Inspirations the real cutting edge group, or are EH&SSQ closer aesthetically, as I suggested a bit ago, to the Florida Boys with a makeover? … most of this is just fun, so don’t get too bent out of shape, all you die-hard SSQ fans, ok?). But no matter how much grief I give them, it’s still thrilling and humbling to know EH and other “stars” read this site, however infrequently.

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