Here’s the real problem (II of II)

What I think is worrying for the sg industry in general is how slow many groups and promoters and record companies are in thinking about ways to expand the exposure of sg beyond traditional venues. I continue to believe that the Gaitherization of sg music events has strained the ability of smaller-time promoters to put together non-church based concerts and festivals with sustainable appeal. Gaither has, that is, exoticized big sg events to an extent that maybe old-fashioned “singings,” in which several groups perform consecutive sets, have become stale in the wake of Gaither’s Vegas-quality productions. Instead of lamenting this reality, more folks ought to start investing the time and money it will take to establish production companies and promotional organizations capable of staging innovative events that may not be able to compete with Gaither but can counter the market realities of a post-Gaither sg world. Forget the aging thing. Worry about keeping promotions fresh and marketable.

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