The sincerest form of something

One of my favorite readers, SR, drew my attention to this convention wrap-up piece over at sogospelnews. Apropos the familiar rhetorical style and the grab-bag fashion of the article, SR writes:

Maybe it’s me (because it IS late and has been an odd day), but I would SWEAR the Unthanks are trying to effect the same tone in this as you do on your site. So does that mean that they are TRYING to flatter you? Or beat you at your own game? Interesting little question.

Interesting indeed, but odds are against the imitation thesis in this case, I think, if only because of all the small pockets of barely muted hostility this site generates from some of the sogospelnews administrators and a few of their more loyal posters (i.e. one reader wrote to say that a recent post he placed on the message boards that referred to this site was summarily deleted by administrators without notifying him or placing any indication on the thread that it had been altered,* even though noting administrative alteration in a thread is fairly common - it happens, for instance, in the comments section of the article just mentioned - not exactly the kind of reception that makes me think this site or its style are held in terribly high esteem over there, though for the record, a few sogospelnew staff members have been very gracious and interesting correspondents, which gives me a great deal of hope). No matter, imitation or not, the kind of post SR refers to at sogospelnews is a good sign in some limited ways. Nevermind that the article is unsigned yet refers to “we,” “I,” and “us” (one of the comments suggests the author is Susan Unthank, which seems about right). And nevermind that it’s essentially a “feature” masquerading as an editorial (though a pretty decent editorial for sogospelnews, however mislabeled). The writing is much better than a lot of sogospelnews’ regular fare. Good for them.

*Update: a late email from another sogospelnews message board poster says he mentioned this site on the boards and the post was left up … so go figure. I’ve got real-world responsibilities for a while, but as soon as I can, I’ll dig up the thread and link to it.

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