On the road

I’m writing from New Orleans today and tomorrow. I thought I was in the clear of hurricanes, but, unbelievably, Ivan has circled all the way back into the gulf and is threatening the coast again. The owner/manager guy at the French Quarter place I just ate lunch says Texas ought to get to the worst of it. And that’s fine by me (sorry, Texans). Before I ate, I strolled down to the riverfront off Canal Street and realized I had forgotten how creepy it is to walk UP to get to the water level of the river and gulf. New Orleans must have been designed by some real short-sighted types. “Yeah, I think submerging the city in a basin below sea level and ensuring that there’s water above us on all sides ought to work splendidly, no?” Anyway, my restaurant manager friend assures me I’ll be able to fly out safely come Saturday. Good enough for me.

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