We want your opinion … just kidding

So let me get this right … NQC board proposes moving convention from Louisville back to Nashville. Fans bellow at Claude Hopper, who make “political speech” at convention about the move and other matters. NQC distributes survey, partially about said move, and Claude Hopper all but begs people to tell the rest of the board what they think. [big breath]. NOW, less than a week after Hopper’s speech and before all the surveys could possibly have been read and studied carefully, board members are telling fans that the board ALREADY voted 8-2 to stay in Louisville? Something’s nutty here, but there are so many screwy possibilities that it’s hard to nail down which one is most likely. If the board did take this action, why are board members spouting off to fans before anything has been officially released? And if they didn’t do it, why on earth would anyone start such a stupid rumor? Any body got more than what one poster over at the message boards rightly called “official second-hand information”? Let me know.

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