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Curious reader JG writes to ask,

Purely curiosity, as I enjoy your site, but why do you not capitalize sg (an acronym for southern gospel) when you seem to capitalize all other acronyms. Some are obviously proper names and I suppose that may be your reasoning. However, as a genre, one usually sees C&W capitalized in other’s writings. Again, just curious.

Good question. I think I do it at least in part by default … I just think of southern gospel as sg now, and after writing so much about it I just fly right past the letters on my keyboard without capitalizing them. However, I usually also don’t make a habit of capitalizing acronyms whose antecedents wouldn’t also be capitalized. If I were to spell out southern gospel on a regular basis, I would not treat it as a proper noun (that is, “Southern Gospel”), so I don’t for that reason as well, I don’t capitalize sg.

Next question?

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