The Wilburn Watch

Several people have emailed to say they hadn’t heard the rumors about Wilburn’s unimminent departure from Gold City, and one of you seemed downright upset about not having heard. But ear-to-the-ground reader TB writes to confirm the rumor is out there:

I had heard this rumor several weeks ago. I have a certain friend that serves as my official Southern Gospel prognosticator and in the past, he’s been correct nearly without fail. He claims a certain “Nashville connection” that always seems to call the action correctly; usually a couple of weeks in advance. Gold City sang in my area a few weeks ago and his comments to me then were: “Word on the street is Wilburn is going to the house after NQC.” He didn’t find out the reason for the move, only that he was leaving. I was at NQC on Thursday night and heard Wilburn’s wandering pontification and thought he must be attempting to squelch rumors when he said, “I’m gonna keep singing it until they throw the dirt over me.”

Then comes word from a highly placed official in the Gold City administration (man, I sound like CNN or something) that the Gold City office “was getting slammed with calls asking if Jonathan was leaving.” GC’s booking agency “was getting slammed as well.” My source doesn’t “know the source” of the rumor. But evidently “Jonathan called Danny Jones and asked him to put something on SN site stating that he isn’t leaving.” So there you go.

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