Takin’ it up a notch

Ever watchful AC told me about this site. I hadn’t seen it, of course. It’s sort of entertaining (and a bit flattering) that I generated enough response to warrant a push-back “blagher.” Not sure where the Blagher whipped the fiction about my being a “professional blogger,” which I gather is an unsubtle dig at the tenacity with which I post (though I’m not sure why that’s so terrible), but I’ll take it, as I will the implicit affirmation that comes from someone borrowing wholesale so much of the format, style, and habits of what I’m doing (I kinda like the minimalist design of the thing). Perhaps understandably, I can’t get a read on the site yet from only one post. That is, it’s not clear to me whether the site is going to be a real sustainable thing of its own for the person if it’s only/mostly aimed at responding to my site. I don’t mind one way or another. Because, of course, (say it together now) … all publicity is good publicity.

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