Stop the madness

Since it seems to be all political stuff all the time tonight, let me make it a triple header and say, for once, that it’s time for the sogospelnews administrators to shut a post down. The Adam & Steve thread, currently on page FIFTEEN, is going the way of the Kirk Talley message boards … that is, unless board admin cuts off the (at this point) dead-end conversation, it will drag on and on and on and end up as a shouting match or snark fest or exchange-of-fire between a handful of entrenched partisans who refuse to concede an inch and can’t let anyone have the last word. See here for the best you can hope for by locking down the discussion now (though this particular thread has been edited by the board administrator after it was closed in order to remove the useless, inane, or just plain stupid posts and retain some semblance of a meaningful discussion; also see here and here for other ex-gay discussions about Talley). And see here for an example of what disastrously happens when the thread stays open. This can only end badly for everybody over at sogospelnews if the Adam & Steve festival of tired blather from most of the last few pages of posts continues. Close the discussion, retain it for posterity (and anyone who wants to be driven crazy), and mark the time and day that I complained about a sogospelnews thread lacking administrative oversight. Cause it don’t happen often.

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