Hide thou me, or sneaky stacks

Back during the convention, I worked myself up into a bit of froth over EH&SSQ’s surreptitious use of a sound guy off stage to stack the group’s endings. After one of my favorite readers, JG, and I discussed it some more, JG smartly suggested asking Ernie Haase straight up why he chose to do it that way. So I did. I had planned on waiting to hear back from Haase before posting about this again, but then JG sent me a link to a set of clips from EHSSQ’s new live DVD, Stand by Me. JG puts it well, so I’ll defer to his language:

About halfway through [the set of clips], there is a clip of them doing “Gentle Shepherd” and it is SSQ at their finest. No stacks, just piano. REALLY tight and beautiful. Good stuff. With the way they can all sing and with the big voices they have, it makes very little sense to me why they would need Wes to help out. Baffling.

So I listened to the clip and that “Gentle Shepherd” bit is hot stuff. I noticed while I was watching that the pianist, Roy Webb has a voice mike at the piano, so maybe he stacked some of their endings in places that Wesley Pritchard was singing at NQC. If that were true, it wouldn’t bother me though, since Webb’s on stage and obviously, unmistakably part of the act - rather than lurking off in the half shadows behind a hulking sound board and sneaking the microphone up and down to sing now and then. [update: helpful reader CH writes to say that “Roy Webb does not sing. His mic is used for comedy bits between him and the [rest of] group.” Thanks, CH.] I’m still holding out hope for a response from Haase. When I do (and assuming he’ll allow it), I’ll pass it along. Until then, color me equal parts impressed, baffled, and disappointed.

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