You heard it here first

I’m pleased to see that my thoughts on the internet and its shaping force on sg have started a meaningful (if limited) discussion about the issue. And I guess someone else did as well, because David Bruce Murray’s predictably solid response to the thread started as a continuation of my post a few days back has now turned up on the “What’s New” section of the sogospelnews homepage. It would have been nice if David’s comments hadn’t been clipped out of context, giving the impression that he wrote the piece as a stand-alone news item, when in fact his comments were embedded within a broader discussion. David clipped those same comments of his and turned them into a stand-alone post on his blog as well, which of course is his prerogative and perfectly understandable. But in the interest of openness and in order for people who come by his thoughts on the subject only on his website (or only on the sogospelnews main pages but not on the message boards), it seems like there ought to have been some mention of the original message-board context from which those thoughts came.

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