First round: Old fashion stonewallers 2, New Media Mavens 0?

About the same time that I emailed Ernie Haase asking him why on earth he felt the need to have his friend Wes Pritchard surreptitiously stack SSQ’s endings at NQC, I also emailed Gerald Wolfe to ask him if he could confirm or deny (and so put to rest, one way or another) the talk about the NQC board voting 8-2 to keep the convention in Louisville. It’s been a week or more in both cases, and no answer. I realize maybe it’s too soon to be declaring a response from either of them unlikely (and the few times I’ve corresponded with Wolfe in the past, there has been some lag between exchanges, for what that’s worth), but in the age of email, a week is a very long time. Moreover, there’s at least some reason, it seems to me, to think that both guys may decide to take a pass entirely on responding one way or another (especially in Ernie Haase’s case: it’s not like he hasn’t been online in the past week; go over the SSQ message boards and you’ll find all kinds of very recent posts from him, and I’d be shocked if he finds time to post to the message board but not check his email). Maybe neither guy thinks it worth his time, energy, or trouble to respond to my questions, that I’m just some no-name (literally) gas-bag who wields little influence and has no authority or credibility on which to call anyone of Wolfe’s or Haase’s stature to account. Or maybe it’s just that sg performers generally aren’t accustomed to receiving straightforward requests for on-the-record statements about issues more controversial than, say, “How does it feel to release this new recording?” But, for whatever reason, it will be immensely disappointing if both men pass up the opportunity to give definitive answers to pretty simple questions: why’d you use stacks that way at NQC? Did you actually tell someone NQC is staying in Louisville? Internet technology has made communication between all kinds of groups and people more efficient and easy, and if those spurious, scurrilous rumors you hear so much about seem to thrive more heartily in sg than other places (which is at best arguably true), maybe one teensy contributing factor just may be the selectivity with which performers, powerbrokers, and string pullers choose to listen or respond to what others are saying. Gerald Wolfe and Ernie Haase are among the next generation of men (and yes, they are all men) on the NQC advisory board, the group most likely to be in line for the most powerful leadership positions in sg (would that there was at least one woman among these). So let’s hope that their computers crashed, or their email was down or their schedule has been too harrowing to respond or something … anything that will suggest the heirs apparent to sg power aren’t learning their communication skills from the current crop of old cronies. Stay tuned.

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