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Gerald Wolfe confirmed my high opinion of his this morning, writing to clear up the mess created by DanKeil over at the sogospelnews message boards. You’ll recall that DanKeil claimed that in a conversation with Wolfe, he (Wolfe) told DanKeil that the board had recently voted to keep the convention in Louisville. In an attempt to settle things, I emailed Wolfe, which no one else, evidently, thought of doing, and asked him if he said anything like what DanKeil suggested. For the record, here’s Wolfe’s full response:


Thanks for writing and bringing this to my attention. It’s one of the things I really despise about the Internet. It’s so easy to misquote someone and not have to take any responsibility for it. I never told anyone that the NQC board had voted on moving the convention. In fact, the board is not scheduled to vote on the issue for several more weeks. Since I’m not on the board of directors, I won’t be able to vote, but I have said to many people that my vote would be to “not” move the NQC back to Nashville, but my vote doesn’t count. I personally believe that ultimately, the convention will stay in Louisville, at least that’s what I’m hoping. The advisory council to the NQC board was put in place to pass on suggestions and comments to the board and to help promote the National Quartet Convention, and I have expressed my opinions when asked, but I do not have any decision making power whatsoever. Please feel free to pass this information along…at least you were kind enough to ask instead of just bringing me into a conversation on a website without letting me know about it first.

Have a blessed week,
Gerald Wolfe

So what on earth was DanKeil thinking when he posted that message about Wolfe saying the board voted already? The most generous thing I can think of is that DanKeil has a vivid dreamlife or doesn’t know what Gerald Wolfe looks like. Either way, I’m certainly inclined to believe Wolfe’s account of things. Now if we can just get Ernie Haase to write back.

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