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My post on concept videos generated some provoking responses, most interestingly this note from JCG, who wrote to defend the middle ground:

With respect to “concept” videos or videos in SGM of whatever nature, isn’t that simply about creating a market to make money? I’m not a proponent of the “SGM is a ministry and not entertainment” theory, but the message of SGM certainly does bring one squarely back to the reason for, and root of, the music, which is ministry. Is there an effective way for videos to minister to people. Very likely, as evidenced by the Homecoming series that you’ve grown tired of seeing. But, is there, or has there been, any serious discussion of developing the ministry side of the music using video? Could it just be that given video is accessible and cool, SGM should be utilizing it as well? Or could it be that I’m just “totally resistant to change,” old fogey my dad was to me 50 years ago?

I certainly don’t think JCG is an old fogey, and I do think there’s a place for concept videos in sg. But I’m distrustful of people like Duhl who don’t give a more nuanced account of the issue, one more along of the lines of what JCG suggests here with his various questions. Moreover, I think the video side of sg is already pretty robust (even though it’s in Duhl’s financial interest to portray videos as an untapped innovation that no one knows about yet and oh yeah btw you can record your next video at my production company). Live videos are, to my mind, the best example of ways sg performers use videos effectively already. And as for conceptually based video productions, Gaither’s Homecoming series is in one sense the ultimate concept video. You don’t get any of this from reading’s Duhl’s article. Instead he tries to make the case for concept videos by misrepresenting and distorting the realities of traditional studio projects and by reducing the issue to the tired old formula of advertising charlatans: “do you wanna be more successful? Then why are you wasting time with that old way of doing business? What you need is a concept video.” I would trust Duhl more if his position and rhetoric weren’t so compromised and riddled with conflicts of interest. Obviously, there’s a valuable and rich discussion to be had about the place of videos in sg business and ministry. But Duhl is, pretty apparently to me, not the guy to be leading that discussion.

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