Another one of those Avery exclusives (I of II)

I just like saying the word “exclusive” … Anyway, after I wrote a follow-up a few days ago about Jonathan Wilburn’s “Adam and Steve” remark in front of the Talleys at the fan awards (in which I said it was likely that Wilburn had certainly given thought to the rant beforehand), a very high-placed Gold City official wrote in to say,

For the record, Jonathan did not “plan” his remarks at the fan awards; he just blurted it out. If you knew him, this would be no surprise. After seeing all the discussion at sogospelnews, he was worried that maybe he offended Debbie and Roger [Talley]. He immediately picked up the phone and called Debbie. She told him that she stood behind his comment, and that when the video is released, he will see that she applauded his statement. I must agree that a fan awards acceptance speech may not be the best place to air this matter. However, many of us in this industry are sickened by the people among us who are blatantly homosexual. Sure, there are a lot of other problems, but this one just seems to be going crazy right now. It just happened to be on Jonathan’s mind at the time.

I guess we’ll have to wait for the video release in November to know for sure whether Debra Talley was hanging her head or applauding (or both?), but assuming this account is accurate, it’s hard to imagine Talley misrepresenting her own actions caught on tape. I don’t find it at all hard to believe that Wilburn is prone to outbursts, but since it was obviously “on Jonathan’s mind,” it also seems likely that he at least gave SOME thought to what he was going to say and how he was going to say it before he got up there. After all, he stands in front of crowds for a living and knows how performers do and do not make lasting impressions. No matter, as my GC source makes clear, performers and other industry professionals are just as worked up about “the gay problem” right now as everyone is on sg message boards and discussion groups. It’s hard to know how much of this anxiety about homosexuality is real and how much has been artificially whipped up by the Kirk Talley incident. The law of averages suggests that there are more than a few gay (and lesbian) performers in sg, just as gay and lesbian people exist in (for some) surprisingly large numbers in almost every sphere of life and society. To put this less abstractly: just about anyone who’s been around or involved in sg for any amount of time can probably tick off a decently long list of people whose names they’ve heard associated with homosexuality. I certainly could, and even adjusting for rabidly inaccurate speculation and the margin of error for gossip, there are enough people on my list to staff two or three really fine sounding quartets (at least one of them mixed), live musicians included (would that mean they would be “live and in rainbow color”?).

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