Picture the Perrys

Normally I don’t make a habit of plugging this or that sg website redesign, since they happen all the time, but the Perrys website just got a substantial facelift. The frame-based configuration annoys me to no end but it’s worth checking out just for the pictures on the main page. The SN photographer got some spectacular and really emblematic photos of the Perrys accepting their Favorite Mixed Group award (the photos just barely begin to capture what it was like to be there, which is pretty amazing considering how incredible the moment was) and the mug shots of each of the group members are really well done. Of course I fully cop to being on something of a Perrys kick right now, so take all this for what it’s worth. Still, though it may be the diesel fumes going to my head, it seems like you can just feel the joy and warmth radiating off these people even on their website.

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