Three for one

1. Giant avatar children (a great name for an indie rock band, no?)
2. Is that a Jim Bakker wax-museum marionette or what?
3. A Progress Report

Dale Duhl Presents “Inside Gospel Music Seminar” to MSGMA
“The learning event hosted by The Mid-South Gospel Music Association had twelve artists/groups represented and was held in Lebanon, TN. Although Duhl is co-owner of two leading Gospel Music companies, Three Hills Music Group, Inc. and J & D Multimedia, Inc. the event was structured in a non-selling style delivery, giving the participants an objective view on the Gospel Music industry as it stands today.”

Points for laying all Duhl’s cards on the table, which is progress to be sure. But points off for assuming anyone really believes this hocus pocus about a “non-selling style delivery,” whatever that means (and I’m honestly not sure … my best guess is that it’s a kinder, gentler version of the hard sell). Are we really supposed to think that the “co-owner of two leading Gospel Music companies” could ever possibly forget his business interests, least of all in a room full of (over)eager performers and groups just itching to be convinced that The Next Big Thing is, say, a concept video? I suggest; you conclude.

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