My head is spinning

For real. I can’t keep up. It feels like every day a new site pops up related to sg. Literally, today, TWO came to my attention, so forgive my histrionics. First, Slinging News and now the administrator for THIS site emails me. How have I and anybody who would email me never heard of this site? I mean, it looks like it’s been around since April-ish. The sgm blogger gives me major props in his most recent post, so it’s hard not to like him initially. To be honest, I need more time to go through his back log, so I’ll withhold further comment till I’ve read more. But for now, suffice it to say we’ve a real full-blown trend on our hands here. If there was a decent enterprising newsroom among the lot of these sg “news” publications (SN, sogospelnews, USGN, The Scoop, that means you), they’d do a cover story on the blog revolution coming to sg, but I’ll not hold my breath. Anybody got any contacts at one of the major daily newspapers in the south whose feature departments likely have a culture and/or music writer on staff who might be interested in our little world of burgeoning online discourse? Let me know.

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