On the sgm blogger

So since I’ve already been skipping out on real work this afternoon to tow averyfineline, I went ahead and pushed through the sgm blogger’s back posts. And I like it very much. It’s not that he (I’m assuming, yes) agrees with me (well, not only that he agrees with me often, or maybe I agree with him, since he seems to have come first). He’s just plain smart. His critique of sogospelnews is devastating in its surgically effective way, and his thoughts on SN had me nodding in knowing agreement. At other times, it’s like he’s reading my mind about stuff like the sound at NQC even before I know what I’m going to say (he wrote his bit about NQC sound months before I wrote mine). But obviously he’s more reasonable, less dramatic and far less longwinded than I am, which makes him refreshing for everyone, including me. To see his razor sharp brevity in its finest form, check out this quip. Also, he’s got a fine post on stacks, one of the most reasonable and pragmatic things I’ve read on the issue. My only real quibble is with his suggestion that sg is a club. It’s not a club (which I find dismissive and belittling in ways sgm may not have necessarily meant). Rather, it’s a subculture, and the difference is important (one I may expound on soon, come to think of it). Anyway, I think he must be some kind of sg performer (that would explain the monthly posts instead of more often), part time maybe but no less knowledgeable for it. Though what’s up with his thinking Ray Dean Reese among the best? Bleh. Honky, often out of tune, and way too much reliance on rubato foolery to mask the real lack of substance in his voice at all ranges. But I won’t hold that against the sgm.

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