Something’s afoot, I just have no idea what

First of all, to everyone who’s trying to link to the Slinging News from this site, yes the URL I have listed is right, at least by which I mean it is the URL I got from the EHSSQ message board post originally and the URL I used to view the site when I posted about it. Second, the site seems to be down, if not permanently, then definitely for now. Third, I noticed last night that the post mentioning the Slinging News at EHSSQ was removed. Fourth (stay with me, this well all start to come together), a few more exhaustive whois searches later and it turns out that for a while (at least for a while after the Slinging News went down yesterday), the site was registered on the servers “” and “” Wow. As JG suggested, it looks like someone over at SSQ decided to have some fun with Jerry Kirskey and clan but then realized the whois search would trace it back to EH&SSQ and didn’t want that information out there, because a bit later, the Slinging News domain was re-registered under a blind lock with Network Solutions so that now the servers are listed as and I’ve got an email into the SSQ webmaster about all this, because a few questions come to mind: WHO registered this site under the SSQ server? More interestingly, who has the authority or ability to do so? Does/did Ernie Haase know about it (not that I’ll hold my breath waiting for a response from him)? I guess we’ll have to wait to find out, at least until the SSQ webmaster, who has been really kind, gracious, and quick to respond to me, at least about other stuff, replies. Until then, this all makes for some interesting fodder.Update: a little more digging and I’ve confirmed the domain name was deleted yesterday entirely, which would seem to mean the site is DOA. So much for all that.

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