The short, bizarre history of The Slinging News

Here’s the official backstory from EHSSQ on the shortlived life of the Slinging News from the SSQ Webmaster, who - true to form- got back to me promptly, which just makes my day:

We have a fellow on our message board who’s very artistic and loves to draw and create cartoons and such poking fun at SSQ and we decided to give him a place to do that. We registered “” as a parody name and hosted it on our servers. One thing we decided right off the bat was that if anyone complained, or indicated they were offended by the material that we wanted to remain honorable, “above reproach” and classy in everything we do, and we would kill the site immediately and with no warning. We made that decision in advance as the site was intended to be fun and light hearted and not be anything heavy. We received some complaints fairly quickly and so we decided to honor the decision we had made in advance of the site going up and we killed the site and took a “shoot first and ask questions later” approach. So there’s no grand scheme or conspiracy happening. We just killed the site and decided that if anyone wrote and asked we would respond to them otherwise we would just delete the site and leave it at that. I hope this clears things up. Have a great day!

Thank you,
Ernie Haase and Signature Sound Quartet Webmaster

Sounds reasonable to me, though one does wonder if the EHSSQ big wigs really thought there was any chance of the Singing News or its proxies (official or unofficial) not complaining about the very premise of the whole satirical enterprise. The SN takes itself so seriously, indulges itself in so many sophomoric flourishes of capricious authority (”No facial hair!” “Only people we approve of can be in the charts!” “No soup for you!” … ok I made that last one up), and generally behaves more like a high school prom queen candidate than the most powerful publication in sg, … well, it’s just difficult to imagine Templeton or Jerry Kirksey letting the Slinging News poke even a little lighthearted, good-natured fun at the SN. Suspicious reader LH put it this way:

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? I suspect the Singing News management found out about thanks to the mention on Ernie Haase’s site and threatened to sue for defamation of character. Russ Farrar is part owner of Signature Sound as well as being the legal counsel for the Singing News, isn’t he? It probably wouldn’t take long for the word to get from one party to the other.

Yes, which makes the EHSSQ decision to let the Slinging News off the ground in the first place a little odd. Did no one think, “Hey, Russ Farrar, the most legendary attorney in sg, an NQC board member, a friend of the owner of Singing News, probably the magazine’s legal counsel and oh yeah … part freakin’ owner of our group … maybe he might have some thoughts on this.” No matter, it’s too bad. I still think the idea was a good one that deserved some time to gain traction. Maybe in its next life, the Slinging News will have some more independent backers who won’t let a few mirthless whiners spoil the perfectly legal and thoroughly enjoyable fun of good satire.

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