I say it best when I say nothing at all (well, mostly)

Sometimes I don’t need to say a thing. In this case, a “venting” reader does it for me:

Today is a fine example of the problem with SG news coverage. The day after two of the biggest news events in SG this week … (SGMA honors and NQC vote) neither of the news outlets (SN or SGN) has any mention of the story in their “news” sections. There is absolutely no excuse for them not to have a story on both events. The information is covered on message boards by the “average” fan that has a few connections,.. but yet our “news” leaders are apparently waiting on an “official” press release. If I claimed to be a “news” voice of SG music.. I would have been on all of the SN board members.. every few days since the rumors started about a move.. I would have sealed up an exclusive a long time ago.. Make these people understand that you are in the news business and that means getting the facts accurate, first and fast. As far as the SGMA honors go.. There’s no reason that pictures of the event shouldn’t be on the pages of both SN and SGN this morning. Even if they couldn’t personally attend (I am sure SN was there), ask someone who is attending to take some pics, email them to you, and put them on your site … pronto. This could have (and should have) been arranged months ago.

Agreed (you didn’t think I wasn’t going to say anything did you?). This is what I was obtusely alluding to last night when I said “chalk one up for informal unofficial online sg networks” for getting the NQC vote first and, by all accounts, getting it right. But it’s not just the news organizations. It’s the newsmakers too. In this case, SGMA itself has no mention or indication whatsoever on its website that the single biggest annual SGMA event took place yesterday. This is kinda one of those mutually assured destruction moments (or chicken or egg or whatever metaphor that works): news organization don’t prod newsmakers to get real and serious about media relations; and newsmakers don’t get serious and real media relations because news organizations don’t prod them. I guess when you consider yourself essentially accountable to no one and have ham-fistedly cornered the market on coverage (and so can cover stuff as abysmally as you’d like without threat of much competition), then there’s so real incentive to stay late and make a few extra calls and miss ER or whatever. Perhaps SGMA, SN, sogospelnews, USGN, The Scoop, NQC, and anyone who may or may not be getting money to promote major events like NQC and SGMA will start to get a wee titch embarrassed by how a handful of hakcspeople with an internet connection and an interest in sg can do the jobs of people who ought to be professionals. Until then, viva la web!

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