NQC vote update

Reliable sources report the NQC vote was unanimous, 8-0 (Les Beasley, if I understand it correctly, only votes when there’s a tie). Some readers had suggested in the past that Steve French was the primary proponent of the move to Nashville, which either means he changed his mind or he wasn’t as keen on the move as was thought. I guess there’s a possible scenario in which French with his Dollywood clout and connections could have been the contact with the governor’s office and tried to grease the wheels a little for a move to N’ville, but then backed off when the Tennessee types failed to close the deal. Hard to say from this distance, and hard to imagine the NQC board needing any help with the governor’s office but who knows. Anyway, from the “as others see us” file, here’s the Louisville Courier-Journal’s take on the vote (hat tip, DS). For a city with just a three-year extension on the NQC contract, L’ville’s city officials are certainly talking a lot of trash. Sounds like all the more incentive for Nashville to come up with a package for 2008 or beyond that undercuts Louisville in a big way, as much out of spite as anything else.

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