Unslung but still slinging

Back whenever the Slinging News flashed in the pan, I obtusely mused about the motivations behind Signature Sound’s decision to host a website satirizing the Singing News on SSQ web space. The official word from SSQ was that they decided to host it simply because one of their fans had a knack for that kind of creativity. Ok. Fast forward to this week, when the head honcho of a sg major group wrote in to give some more context on the question of why Haase might have taken the risk he did on the Slinging News. According to my source, Haase and SSQ were “denied a [SN] cover because he refused to accommodate the SN” and its rules concerning standards of dress and appearance in cover photos. Of course it all comes down to SSQ’s infamously spiked (or spikey, as sg fans love to say) hair. Normally, I wouldn’t be took quick to buy into this kind of thing, but then I went back and looked at the cached web pages from the Slinging News‘ hours-long life, and the biggest single visual investment on the Slinging News site turns out to be a Slinging News cover with photos of John Kerry, George Bush and … wait for it, Ernie Haase. For his part, my head honcho friend thinks the whole thing smells of a “juvenile” attempt to “lash out with a website for ’satirical purposes’” after a run-in with the SN’s obviously arcane and preposterous rules. Could be. I’d like to reserve judgment until Haase had his say, but - as regular readers will know - Haase hasn’t yet decided to respond to my emails asking him to comment on SSQ-related issues. I guess I could make this my official invitation for Haase to get back to me and the rest of us about this Slinging News business (not to mention the issue of sneaky stacks at NQC). But, as per usual, I won’t hold my breath. No matter, there’s more than just a potential, petty grudge match at stake here between SSQ and SN. If Haase did have the kind of hairy showdown with the SN that my source suggests (and my source is well placed enough, he ought to know), and if he did agree to host the Slinging News site as way to exact some kind of payback for having been denied a cover, then this may well have been the first (and shortest) instance of civil disobedience by a top-tier figure who decided to push back in some highly visible way against the SN’s feudal-overlord approach to covering sg. Sure, it would be slightly petty and juvenile of Haase, but then juvenile and petty are practically etched over the entrance of the SN. I mean, it doesn’t get much pettier or more sophomoric than for the “printed voice of southern gospel music” to insist that the people and events it covers meet the magazine on its own ludicrous terms.

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