A simple challenge

The fact that Clarke Beasley was willing to talk on the record about the nature of the NQC vote count to a reporter who bothered to ask him about it tells you what you need to know about the credibility of the major sg “news” outlets. So here’s a simple challenge to anyone at the Singing News, sogospelnews.com, U.S. Gospel News, and The Scoop: contact one of the Beasleys and ask him for an on-the-record, for-attribution response to this question: What was the breakdown of the vote about moving to Nashville or staying in Louisville? Then report what the board member says, even if it’s “No comment” (or at least explain why you haven’t bothered to ask). I’ve sent an email to Les Beasley (don’t have Clarke’s email address) asking that same question of him. See … How. Hard. Is. That?

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