It was close

Thanks to alert reader NG for bringing this story from the Nashville City Paper to my attention. This is the first news item to charactertize the vote in one way or another, and the City Paper calls it “close,” and the City Paper reporter has confirmed that Clarke Beasley used the word “close” to describe the vote count. On that basis I’m willing to put a lot more stock in the 4-4 tie (with Les Beasley breaking it in favor of Louisville) that I reported last night. As a thread over sogospelnews and another at amgs make clear (and this City Paper story repeats), the renewal in Lville was for one year only. So the question will, one would assume, have to be debated and put to a new vote again next year. The newshound in me smells some kind of wink and nod bargain at work here … the one-year renewal gives Nville time to sweeten the pot and come back with a better deal next time that will win at least one vote next year. This is, I think, a real possibility. So let me be clear about what I think is at stake here in the confusion about what, precisely, the board vote was: the NQC should release this year’s vote count RIGHT NOW, otherwise there will be very little way for the board to keep anything like a straight face next year when and if it decides to tell fans that, uhm … oh yeah … we’re voting about moving back to Nville … again. Outside of the sg internet junkies, an overwhelming majority of sg fans undoubtedly think NQC in Lville is a done deal for years to come if not forever and NQC has done nothing to stop that assumption from spreading. Releasing the vote NOW gives the board a way to talk about and prepare people for the possibility that NQC may still move back to Nashville. Will any one of the board members stand up, do the right thing, and fully level with fans about this central issue? If no one does, the NQC board has no one but itself to blame if people write this most recent vote off as a sham way to get fans off their backs and continue what may very well be an inexorable march back to Nashville. Until someone on the boards speaks up (and there’s at least one invitation - from me - on the table for any and all of them to do so), there’s no way to know what’s going on. No news from the board about the vote is decidedly bad news.

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