Suddenly, everyone’s a political pundit

Maybe the only college-student fan of sg (kidding of course) wrote to point out one of the recent “Paul’s Epistles” (ugh) from the sg dj Paul Heil. Most of it’s an unremarkable chumming of the ‘winger waters with some of that good ole’ Moral Majority red meat (abortion, prayer in schools, gay marriage, etc). Unless you get really entertained watching someone simultaneously parrot unbridled partisan talking points (in this case, from a group of activist conservatives like Jim Dobson and Gary Bauer) and attempt to depict himself as some kind of objective mediator (”the views expressed are those of the writers,” Heil unconvincingly mutters at the end), then there’s not much here worth your time. Except for a bit about half way through the talking points Heil summarizes from the right-wing mothership. Talking point six:

Natural resources: God put human beings on the earth to “subdue it” and to “have dominion” over the animals (Gen. 1:28). We value the beauty of the natural world which God created, and we believe that we are called to be responsible stewards who protect God’s creation while we use it wisely and also seek to safeguard its usefulness for future generations. The Bible does not view “untouched nature” as the ideal state of the earth, but expects human beings to develop and use the earth’s resources wisely for mankind’s needs (Gen. 1:28; 2:15; 9:3; 1 Tim. 4:4). In fact, we believe that public policy based on the idealism of “untouched nature” hinders wise development of the earth’s resources and thus contributes to famine, starvation, disease, and death among the poor. We believe the ethical choice is for candidates who will allow resources to be developed and used wisely, not for candidates indebted to environmental theories that oppose nearly all economic development in our nation and around the world.

So God wants us to kill off his creation? Huh? Oh my. There is so much irresponsibility in this short passage it’s hard to know where to being or end. But the easiest target is probably the notion that any major party candidate in the U.S. opposes “nearly all economic development in our nation and around the world.” That’s so stupid it drools. But it’s also the kind of rhetorical absurdity that is so mendacious and so outrageous that more than a few folks mistake it for good Christian courage or moral authority. It is neither. This whole house of kooky cards relies on junior-high debate-team tactics of cherry picking your evidence (in this case plucking Bible verses out of context) and tossing around words like “wisely” and “value” as if even the people you oppose share your assumptions about what those words mean and choose instead to be unwise and immoral because … ya know … they’re LIBERALS (gasp). Anyway, this is a fine example of why James Dobson ought to focus on his own frikkin family for a while and why someone like, say, a prominent sg radio personality ought to stick to telling people the names of their favorite songs.

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