Well, I’m flummoxed

These are the times when it would be nice for one of the Beasleys or the NQC board officially or someone official to just give us the facts and get on with it. ‘Cause basically, I’ve got duelling sources: one who has built a certain degree of credibility with me over time who double-checked and still insists three full board members are sticking by the 8-0 NQC vote count. Yet an equally credible (in my experience) advisory board member is reporting a 4-4 tie, as quoted from yet another NQC board member (note: advisory board members were not allowed to vote and were not, if I understand it correctly, present for the vote). Why would one board member say 4-4 and three others say 8-0? I honestly don’t know, and the only reason I think it matters in the least is that a divided board is more likely to reconsider moving back to Nashville in 2008 or 2009 than a board unanimously united around Louisville. So it does matter. Therefore, NQC board members: consider this your open and official invitation to speak up and out about the breakdown of the board vote. I’ll be waiting, like everyone else, but of course I won’t hold my breath. No, what will likely happen is the board will sit back on its self-satisfied haunches and remain silent, all the while complaining at every opportunity about rumors and gossip surrounding board operations. But oh how I’d love to be proven wrong.

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