How it doesn’t breakdown

A seasoned quartet man writes with the following anecdotal analysis of how painfully slim pickings “free will love offerings” can be:

About the poor pay in SG. It always amazes me to see folks put a buck or two in the offering plate for the “guest singers.” A $2 offering [from one person] for a group of five means if the group were to divide the offering, that person gave only 40 cents per person for their efforts. Of course, payroll only accounts for about 25% of most groups’ budgets. Therefore, 75% of the offering went to cover other fixed expenses. So, the offering going to each person was an abysmal 10 cents. Of course, we are counting on quantity to help bail out the quality of the love gift. But, you get the point. As an offering giver, is that all those performers/ministers are worth to me? A few pennies each?

Ouch. True dat, as the kids say.

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